Step 1 : Sign in or sign up online

I already have a Crans Intranet account

If you already have an account, sign in on the intranet with your credentials.

Beware, do NOT create a new account if you already have one ! Otherwise, your internet connexion would not work properly. If you had a Crans Internet connexion before, you already have an account. If you forgot your credentials, you have a reset password form on the intranet. If you forgot your login, please contact us by email.

I just arrived on the campus, i want to sign up at Crans in order to have an internet connection

Go on the intranet, and choose "Sign up". Fill in the required fields, and confirm.

Crans is a French Loi 1901 association, you must approve our legal documents. When you confirm this form, and pay your membership, you become member of the association.

Step 2 : Pay for my connection

Online (by credit card)

To pay for your membership or your connection, please select "pay for a connexion". You will be able to pay online with our secured application (ComNpay).

Important : Crans contribution is made up of €10 per year for your membership (mandatory), and €5 per month of connection. If you pay more than 8 month in a single time, your contribution will not exceed €50. Beware, membership (10 euros) is NOT refundable.

By cash or by check

To pay by cash or by check, you have to come to the "Kfet" during our duty time. We also have a card payment terminal.

Step 3 : check your registration

On the intranet, once you have paid for your connection, the first frame on the page "My profil" must be green and display "connected".

If it is not the case, it means your membership is not valid or you didn't pay for your connexion.