Who are we?

Crans is an association managed by volunteer students, who aimed at providing the students of the campus of the ENS Cachan with an internet cable connection, for 50€ a year. As a bonus, it provides wifi hotspot, a mailbox, the tv, a printer...

  • 1 000 000 Go of traffic by year
  • 200 000 prints by year
  • 1,300 Members
  • 102 Hotspot wifi
  • 100 000 Lines of code

A question, an issue?

Whether you just arrived or are an old member, you will probably find your answer in the FAQ, if not, contact us !

Foire aux questions

I want to help !

If you want to discover the other side of the mirror, you are welcome, either to help on the technical or the administrative side. You do not need any previous knowledge to join us, but if you do, you'll learn a lot. To start, the easiest is to come find us at the Kfet, or simply contact us. Cheers !