Frequently asked questions

I'd like to renew my membership or my connection ?

You can either come to see us, or do it directly on the intranet .

When I choose to prolong my connection, I'm asked to pay more, while the yearly connection is announced at €50 per year.

The membership and connection are indeed available for €50 for a full year, but we also allow you to pay monthly. This way costs €10, plus €5 per month. It is more expensive, simply because it requires more work from the volunteers of the association.

I lost access to my account :(

You can reset your password here.

I want to refill my prepaid account

You can do it online, select "Extend my connection period" if you pay by card. Otherwise, you will have to wait until we are at the Kfet (see the schedule), to pay by cash for example.

I want to manage my computers registered on the network

You can do it online here .

I can't connect to the Wi-Fi

Make sure you followed the instructions carefully on the page "Internet Network Connection"

My connection is slow

You can first check via Facebook or Twitter if we have announced an issue.

I work every day from 12 to 20, how can I see your members ?

You can contact us (see below), we will try to set up a meeting.

What other services do you provide ?

A comprehensive list is available at and many more information on the wiki.