Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost access to my Crans account :(

You can reset your password by clicking here.

I want to refill my Crans balance

You can do it either at the Kfet, or on the intranet by credit card, here.

When I try to extend my connection to the month, I am asked to pay more whereas the connection to the year is announced at 50€.

Membership and connection for one year are indeed proposed at 50€. However, we offer a monthly plan, for €10 membership fee and then €5 per month of connection. If you stay the whole year, paying by the month is more expensive, so we encourage you to pay by the year to limit our workload.

I want to manage my WiFi or wired machines.

Directly on the intranet, here.

What services do you offer to members?

Members can access all the services listed on the home page of the intranet.

What services do you offer to former members?

Former members can still use all services except the Internet access.

My internet seems slow.

You can start by checking that there is no global problem by looking on our Facebook or Twitter @TwCrans.

If you are adventurous, you can also go and check out our monitoring service.

I work every day from 12:00 to 8:00 pm and therefore can’t be available to pay my connection. Am I doomed to buy a livebox?

If you are already a member, all you have to do is extend your Internet connection. Otherwise, we invite you to send an email to specifying your availability so that a member of the Crans can find time to take care of you.

Is there a Crans Box? How do you connect multiple computers?

We don’t offer Internet Boxes. Each CROUS room is already equipped with an RJ45 jack where you can plug in your computer, and WiFi is distributed through access points throughout the buildings.

To connect several computers at the same time, you can get a network switch, or a WiFi router with multiple network interfaces.

How do I connect my game console?

Our WiFi network requires a special authentication protocol called “WPA2 Enterprise”, which isn’t always supported by game consoles. On the other hand, connecting via ethernet cable does not require any special protocol. One solution is to get an ethernet adapter adapted to your console. An alternative solution is to create your own WiFi network using a computer sharing a WiFi connection or a WiFi router.

I saw some members of the KFet at 11pm but they wouldn’t fix my internet problem.

The members of our association are volunteers and are already devoting a lot of time to the association, it’s important to respect their privacy.

I can’t connect to,…

These services are not managed directly by the Crans but by members. In case of problems, please contact the administrators of these sites.